Janet Wilson,
Artist and Owner of Janet’s Ceramics

Born and raised in the Bronx, Janet was surrounded by the arts with her Mom taking her to art museums, participating in studio time, and showcasing her artwork throughout their apartment.  Her Mom’s love of the arts transferred to Janet where she enjoyed taking art classes and was selected to participate on a TV program creating art during the videotaping in the 1960’s.  Janet opted to attend her local public high school, but she did get accepted into the nationally recognized High School of Music & Art.  Growing up in New York City certainly has its advantages!

While attending college at the State University of NY at Albany and taking a bunch of computer programming classes, she ended up making a career in the computer field.  However, Janet needed a creative outlet to counter all of the preciseness of programming computers and found ceramics in the 1980’s.  Here was a world where you could make something beautiful out of dirt and minerals and there was no right or wrong way to do it. Whether it’s taking ceramics classes at a local community college in Illinois or enjoying studio time at the Phoenix Center of the Arts, she finds herself constantly learning new ways to work with the clay and glazes.

Janet has always given back to the community whether it’s hosting a neighborhood carnival, volunteering at her kids schools when they were young, or continuing to help out at various non-profits in Arizona and will be contributing a portion of every sale to a local pet non-profit.

Every piece of art is individually handcrafted by Janet with all jewelry made out of porcelain and the larger pottery pieces including the spoon rests are made using various stoneware clay bodies.  Janet enjoys developing different glaze combinations for her ceramics using food safe and non-toxic glazes – even the ones used for her jewelry!

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